50% Discount

on 6 week


for Phoenix



Speed and Agility 

class for KC Phoenix players and only $10 for each additional​class

​ KC Phoenix Volleyball Club is are excited to announce that we just added

Performance Edge Crossfit, in Liberty, as a business partner! 

 All parents of Phoenix Club members that have been thinking about improving your fitness, now is the time.  By being a member of our club you will get a 50% discount on the Performance Edge 6 week challenge.  This class meets Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00am.  This means you’ll only pay $50.00 for 12 classes that are one hour long.  To make this even better, the kids will get a free speed and agility program as well that meets on Saturday mornings at 8am also.  This means you could workout, side by side, with your daughter! 

 This “athletic development” class will be free the first Saturday of the month.  If you want to come each Saturday the additional sessions will only be $10.00 per visit.  However we are going to limit each session after the free session to the first 8 that sign up.  So for only $30.00 per month your daughter could have up to 4 speed and agilitysessions.  You can’t beat that anywhere! 

The coach of the kid’s athletic enhancement class has the following certifications:

Cross-Fit Level II; Weight Training (Olympic Lifts); Sports Specific – this is related to how strength training can transfer to on the court explosive power; 4 years as a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach; 4 years as a collegiate track & field coach; NCAA All-American; 

We will measure arm speed using a radar gun, standing jump to measure hip extension, and a 5-10-5 sprint to measure lateral speed.  Then we will re-test in a few weeks to track our improvements!  

All of this is now available to those who play with KC Phoenix Volleyball for the 2018-2019 season!

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